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European Integration in Central Europ (See PDF)

Welcome to the webpage of the Guram Tavartkiladze teaching University - European Integration in Central Europe: the Experience of Visegrad countries.  The course is launched at Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching university with the financial support of the International Visegrad Foundation through the program - Visegrad University Studies Grants—EaP. The aim of the course is to give knowledge to students on EU integration processes in central Europe based on the experience of Visegrad Countries. Visegrad countries have gone a route of successful reforms  which has finally resulted in the membership of the EU. The experience of Visegrad countries from the point of view of regional cooperation is useful set of case study material within the course of EU integration processes.

Recently Georgia has signed the association agreement with the EU. This significant fact once more highlights the importance of the the knowledge in EU integration process especially for younger generation to whom the membership of Georgia of EU would be a reality when they will be already decision makers and active citizens of the country. The course will strive to make its own contribution in spreading the knowledge about the European Union and especially regarding Visegrad region as a successful case of regional cooperation within the European Border countries.



Creation of the course is supported by the International Visegrad Foundation

Visegrad University Studies Grants—EaP



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